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Episode 00: Why I started this Podcast

Welcome to the "Showing Up BIG!" Podcast.



In today's noisy, distracted and desensitized world, where ethically irresponsible and morally bankrupt information is prevalent, we offer the Showing Up BIG! Podcast, where our “free-range guests” serve up their REAL stories, REAL problems, and UNREAL results, in their Zone of Genius!


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Episode Notes

In this, the introductory episode, I kinda sorta set the stage of WHAT I want to do with this Podcast and WHY I started it. It's really simple actually... the world (at least here in the USA), has taken on a pretty self-serving approach and desire to be right, rather than get along. It seems that everybody wants their own personal agenda, at the expense and ridicule of others, especially those with a contrary opinion or view. We have lost the ability and desire to be civil and respect each other's diversity. The bottom line is... we have lost track of human goodness and decency. I want to bring it back and shine the light on people who are operating in goodness and making a difference. I want to raise up those who are Showing Up BIG!


If there's one thing I am certain of, it's that most people over 25 years old have experienced most, if not all of these scenarios.


Well, don't worry, there's hope for us yet...


I truly want to help you, yes YOU, find your inner strength, inner confidence and ultimately your "Zone of Genius!" That is WHY I started this podcast! In the episodes to come, you will hear straight-ahead, no BS, candid, raw, uncut and truly revealing stories, of people championing an upstream approach to life! They are Showing Up BIG! These are their lives. These are their stories. Get ready to be moved.

Are you ready? Press PLAY and dive in!

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