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Episode 08: John Madsen - High Performance Fitness Coach

Welcome to the "Showing Up BIG!" Podcast.



In today's noisy, distracted and desensitized world, irresponsible and morally bankrupt information is prevalent. As an alternative, we offer the Showing Up BIG! Podcast, where our  “free-range guests” serve up their REAL stories, REAL problems, and UNREAL results, in their Zone of Genius! 

Episode Notes:

John Madsen is a Fitness Coach to Pros, Business Owner, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, former Tight End with the Oakland Raiders of the NFL, and an awesome Husband and Father! He is the host of the extremely popular multiple-episode, weekly Podcast, called "The Show with John Madsen." He is a man with many talents and a force to be reckoned with, as you will hear in this very transparent and honest episode!


John is very active on social media platforms and uses Instagram as his preferred method of content creation. Follow all John's content here...  or check out his Instagram feed at johnmadsenofficial. You may also follow John on Facebook, or visit his High Performance Fitness website at!


John's journey from early childhood athlete, to humiliation and embarrassment in the High School weight room, to locker room brow-beating by THE Urban Meyer, to catching a touchdown in front of 100,000 fans and a National TV audience on ESPN, to NOW, will leave you speechless and amazed! 

We hope you'll be inspired and encouraged by this episode, and as a result, take a step, even a tiny little baby step towards pursuing your DREAMS!!


YOU have a Champion inside of you! YOU were made for greatness and Victory! YOU can find your inner strength, inner confidence and ultimately your "Zone of Genius!" Listen to this podcast every week and get a SUPER-SIZED DOSE of Showing Up BIG!! 


John Madsen, is going to take you on an incredible trip of uncertainty, fear conquering and triumphant victory, in this gripping episode! John is a former professional football player, who challenged himself to Show UP BIG after his playing career was over and he found himself searching for significance, purpose and meaning for his life! Listen to this episode and find out just how BIG he Showed Up! in his "Zone of Genius!" 


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