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Episode 10: The Favorite Movie - Luke Bernard & Daniel Bernard

Welcome to the "Showing Up BIG!" Podcast.



In today's noisy, distracted and desensitized world, irresponsible and morally bankrupt information is prevalent. As an alternative, we offer the Showing Up BIG! Podcast, where our  “free-range guests” serve up their REAL stories, REAL problems, and UNREAL results, in their Zone of Genius! 

Episode Notes:

In Episode 10, we are talking with two cast members of the upcoming feature film, "The Favorite." The film is based on real life events and is a gripping portrayal of family favoritism among brothers, or is it? We hangout with Lead Actor and Star, Luke Bernard and his Father, Pastor Daniel Bernard, who also stars in the movie and is the Executive Producer. Luke and Daniel dive deep into the story of a starving actor (Luke) who is involved in a horrific car accident, where he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, and was left in a coma, with little to no chance of survival. While miraculously recovering from the accident and brain injury, Luke had a very vivid dream about two brothers dealing with favoritism, and the screenplay for the movie evolved out of a one month session of intense focus and writing about the dream. After 100+ revisions, the final draft of the screenplay was complete and filming of the movie began. John Schneider, of Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville and Dancing with the Stars TV fame, plays Daniel Bernard, and Luke Bernard plays Ben Bernard, one of the brothers, in the movie. The movie also stars Tyron Woodley, former UFC Welterweight Champion, Uriah Hall, runner-up on The Ultimate Fighter and 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy


Jump on over and listen to this Episode of how Luke Bernard's miraculous recovery and healing, led to this upcoming feature film. You will NOT be disappointed.

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If you would like to find out how to host a pre-release, private screening of the movie, please contact Daniel Bernard by phone at (727) 421-4132 or by sending an email to: or 

Are you ready? Press PLAY and dive in!

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Luke Bernard

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Daniel Bernard

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