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Episode 14: Annie Lobert - Fallen. Saved. Redeemed.

Welcome to the "Showing Up BIG!" Podcast.



In today's noisy, distracted and desensitized world, irresponsible and morally bankrupt information is prevalent. As an alternative, we offer the Showing Up BIG! Podcast, where our  “free-range guests” serve up their REAL stories, REAL problems, and UNREAL results, in their Zone of Genius! 

Episode Notes:

In Episode 14, we interview Annie Lobert, a wife, speaker, author, entrepreneur, thought leader, advocate for the abused, non-profit founder and CEO, and a survivor of more than a decade of sex trafficking in Hawaii, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. She is known for being one of the first women to openly speak about her experiences in being sex trafficked, and one of the first to start a non-profit outreach and safe house to help victims of abuse as a survivor-leader.

Matthew 4:19 And He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

In 2003, after a serious drug overdose and an epiphany, Annie began her personal journey of healing and recovery to emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness. It was her heart mission to go back and reach the ladies she had left behind who were working in Las Vegas as victims of exploitation. What started as a pioneering, grass roots outreach to ladies in the sex industry soon became a non-profit, whose focus is to Hook (outreach) Hope (Jesus) Help (housing) Heal (restoration). In 2005, Hookers for Jesus, was birthed.

Annie moved into full time advocacy using her personal experience as a guide–and started mentoring and helping women who were still in and formerly in the sex industry. Many ladies had nowhere to go after they had left their sex traffickers and a vision was birthed in 2007 to have homes available and ready for women that wanted to leave their pasts behind. It was through her endless efforts to rescue women and give them hope for their futures that Destiny House was officially founded. Destiny House is a safe place for women to live while healing from the serious trauma of being sex trafficked.

She is also an internationally recognized expert, mentor, and advocate of ministry to men and women in the commercial sex industry from her personal experience. She fully understands the traumatic psychological, emotional, and physical effects of initially choosing the sex industry as a job choice-only later to be trapped, beaten and sold to the sex trafficker’s highest bidders. She is also a survivor of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), domestic violence, sexual abuse, cancer, drug addiction, abortions, miscarriages, pornography, anorexia, and bulimia.

She has been featured on many national and international broadcasts: The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Drew Life Changers, Fox News, The Jesse Waters Show, MSNBC, ABC, The Today Show, The Blaze, The Alan Colmes Show, Nancy Grace, Nightline, 20/20, Joy Behar, The Tara Banks Show, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life, Patricia King Live, Life Today, Help Line TV, the 700 Club, the Jim Bakker Show, TBN’s Praise the Lord, I Am Second Film and many more.

Annie has been heard on radio programs and interviewed in major news publications across the nation and world such as: The Associated Press, The New York Post, LA Times, Penthouse, and Charisma magazine to name a few.

Governmental organizations, judicial offices, police force trainings, and educational systems, in addition to community groups and churches are effectively utilizing Annie’s trainings: Her inside view and background to assist in educating the public and stirring them to action regarding prostitution and sex trafficking. She is currently on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Nevada Trafficking Task Force for victim advocacy, as well as the education & outreach committee.

When Annie is taking time off of her busy schedule, she spends time with her husband, Oz Fox as he tours with his rock band, Stryper. They were married on June 5th, 2009.!/annielobert?fref=ts!/hookersforjesus?fref=ts

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