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SO... I pulled up my big boy pants and launched a Podcast! (On Facebook LIVE for added pressure!)

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Yes! We did it!

Gulp! Gasp! Clear the throat and nasal passages of phlegm! WHAT??!!

Marci whispers: Just sit there in the HOT SEAT and calm down Mister! I got this!

My wife Marci Maughan Nettles had this wild idea to go LIVE on Facebook in our Home Podcast Studio to announce the big news! Apparently, a FB post, Tweet or Instagram post would be an extremely average way to let the cat out of the bag, so I agreed to do it!

Within moments, I figuratively crapped my pants (before I put on the big boy ones and pulled them up of course) and began to think of things that could go wrong on a LVE video! Like...

- WHAT IF I mess up and people don't want to listen to the Podcast? ...Then super awesome people's stories won't get heard!

- WHAT IF I don't answers the questions being asked of me and just run off at the mouth, which is familiar ground for me? ...Then the ONE shot I had will be blown!

- WHAT IF people find out I had an imaginary friend named Jenny in 1st grade? ...Wait? How did THAT get in here?

- WHAT IF the title of the Show isn't compelling enough? WHAT IF I sneeze and milk comes out my nose on LIVE video? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF?

NEEDLESS TO SAY, it got crazy, FAST!! And Marci had NO IDEA... because I hid my anxiety the way I always do... by saying or doing something silly or funny, to buy time while my brain figured it out. BUT, this time I could think of nothing! So I panicked for a very brief moment and thought... WHAT IF, everything goes perfectly, the way God already told me it would, even though the LIVE video part was a new twist? And right then, I got wrapped up in a warm Burrito of CALM, with extra EASE, and a side of YOU GOT THIS! Psssh!

And the rest is history! The interview on FaceBook LIVE went well! Marci was Cable News Anchor professional and nailed it, with excitement, enthusiasm and brilliance! And I didn't faint, lose my train of thought, burp, sneeze or anything!! And we officially launched our Podcast, called Showing Up BIG!

Or, hop on over to iTunes, by clicking this link!...

Then do us a BIG FAVOR: Subscribe to the Podcast, leave a 5-Star review and share the link with anyone you feel would get value from this type of weekly Podcast. And then, make plans to listen in EVERY Monday! THANK YOU for your time and support! WE LOVE YOU!

- Dondee & Marci Nettles

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